On the eastern edge of Andalusia lies the Province of Almería taking its name from the capital city.

The province boasts more than 3500 hours of sunshine each year with average temperatures of 19 degrees.

Yes, that´s correct 3,500 hours !!!!,  when John Lennon lived in Almería he should have written the song “It never rains in Almeria”(not California).

It also has the only desert in Europe (Tabernas Desert) which plunges right to the sea known as the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Not only that but that strip of desert is right next to the Sierra Nevada mountain, the highest peak closest to the Mediterranean sea.

That is the reason why Almería has a variety of microclimates no farther apart from an hour´s drive, beaches, deserts, green valleys, snowed mountains, Almeria has it all!!!!

You can be 5 minutes to the beach and 90 minutes from Sierra Nevada ski resort.

Costa Almeria has astonishing varying landscapes with surprising contrasts. All along the coast there are many beach resorts offering tourists all kinds of facilities suitable for families and couples.

You have to distinguish two Main Areas called “Levante Almeriense” (where the sun rises, east from Almería capital city) and “Poniente Almeriense” (where the sun drops, west from Almería capital city). Each area has its distinctive characteristic and you will have to discover which one is more suitable for your life style.



 Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

 Cabo de Gata Natural Park


Tabernas Desert