From Almería you can take the coastal road to Roquetas de Mar, a true holiday paradise. Is the most important municipality in the Almería province along with the capital city it belongs to the excellent tourist centre of Costa Almería. Situated at the western end of the Gulf of Almería “Poniente Almeriense”, 18 km from the capital city the town of Roquetas de Mar combines an agrarian market garden and fruit-growing economy with the beauty of its natural surroundings.

The origins of Roquetas de Mar are shrouded in mystery. The coast was visited by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, but the Neolithic cultures only settled temporarily on the coast of Almeria. We have to go back to the beginning of the XVIII century to find the first vestiges of lasting establishments, around 1737. Any investigation is complicated due to the destruction of buildings that has occurred. As is typical of Muslim culture, life centered around a castle bordering the sea, and groups of Farmhouses. In 1757 the Parish Church was constructed. 1777 was an important date for Roquetas de Mar when the independence of Almeria was obtained and, step by step, municipalities were annexed forming the nucleus know today as Roquetas de Mar.This town is an open air sports center. With its lively wide promenade and fishing harbour where you can see the fish market. Passing the touristy promenade you will find the nature reserve of Punta Entinas and Punta Sabinar, the living space of over 150 different seabirds. You can enjoy their isolated and wild beaches like the nudist beach Cerrillos close to the old lighthouse.

The sub-tropical, Mediterranean, warm and dry climate with mild winters and the sky nearly always without clouds is the reason for many long-term holidaymakers enjoying Roquetas de Mar in the winter time. Excellent possibilities for golfers as well as diversified water sport opportunities, an ideal place for starting different trips and excursions. Miles long beaches, spotless sunshine and the blue Mediterranean take always center stage.

Roquetas is a fascinating growing town, which is culturally, touristy and economically active integrated in a fair and beautiful nature gains international more and more in importance and influence.


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